Natarajasana // Lord of the Dance Pose

This is Natarajasana, or Lord of the Dance Pose

A little bit of context behind this pose (who is this Lord?!): this lord is Shiva. He is one of the most important deities for the Hindus. He’s part of the Trimurti, three of the most powerful Gods because they are believed to be responsible for the cycle of life. He is the protector of the aspect of destruction – actually more transformation and also reproduction – and he is often portrayed as fierce, but also like the one to whom humans can ask for protection. Shiva is known by many names and appears in many different forms, one of these is indeed the Lord of Dance.

This form of Shiva is called Nataraja, translated either as ‘Lord of The Dance’, or ‘King of Dancers’, and it represents the ecstatic cosmic dancer. In this form, Shiva is usually shown as surrounded by a circle of 🔥, which represents the cosmic fire that both creates and destroys. He holds in🔥 one hand, again representing creation and destruction, a snake in another hand, gesturing a ‘fear not’ mudra✋🏻. The third holds a sort of drum representing 🥁 time and the rhythm of both music and the universe. The fourth hand points towards one of the dancing feet. This emphasizes the aspect of energy, movement, sense of upliftment and the strength to dance the dance of life, no matter the obstacles we may encounter.
Even if I don’t consider myself religious, I do believe in the power of the universe and in our ability to tune into the perfect balance of energy that makes the cosmos perpetually move. This is why I love this form of Shiva, this yoga pose and this specific representation. It reminds me of our ability to dance in the rain, to move and change, to admit we were wrong and to change our mind. It reminds me of the precious quality of resilience. This doesn’t mean to be weak, nor not grounded or unreliable. It actually means to be strong enough to bend without breaking. It’s the power of flexibility.

Be kind to yourself and be a kind stranger.


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