The Importance of Meditation and Apps to Practice

Florence is amazing!

The last time I had explored Florence was 15 years ago. I am speechless. This city is just a dream! I am overwhelmed by the amount of art and beauty I see around. We were supposed to stay only one night but we decided to stay for two because we just *NEED* an extra day!

I am also overwhelmed by the number of tourists and people around the center. If you try to pose in front of monuments, you literally need to queue. I must say when I start doing my yoga poses people move and let me take them! They usually just stop and start looking at what I do… which is quite nice (for the pictures) but quite intimidating! If I fall off a pose or if I am not quick enough I start to become very nervous😬. I still need to get used to it! However, this was NOT the case in front of the Duomo (swipe 😂)

This made me think about the importance of quietness and meditation. I love my meditation practice, even if it’s maybe the hardest part of my yoga journey. In fact, it obliges me to face my demons more than anything. On the other hand, it’s what keeps me sane and balanced, and prevents me from being eaten alive by my “dark side”.
Have you ever tried to meditate? There are endless free apps (like Insight) or free trials (Headspace) that can help you!
Today I wanna ask you to try to sit for five minutes and focus on your breath before going to sleep. Count from ten to one, while inhaling and exhaling deeply. Connect with your body, tune into your mind. Observe, don’t judge, and let your thoughts come and go, without getting stuck. It’s hard but so worth it!

Have a great evening and be kind strangers! Namaste.

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