Saucha // Cleanliness

Even if I am extremely happy and grateful for the days I spent traveling around with my baby, I feel eeeeexhausted. Also, I feel a bit intoxicated by eating out all the time. It was AWESOME, but I need a break!

In yoga, there is a very important practice that it is suggested by Patanjali in the Sutras and it forms part of the Niyamas (things you have to do): Saucha. Cleanliness.
Saucha is to be intended as a holistic attribute: Saucha in the Body, in our Home, in the Diet, in the Asana practice, in the Mind. Cleanliness is crucial if we want to create the necessary environment, inside and outside, to be able to tune into our True Self and reach a peaceful, happy state. –
We all fall into the trap of picking up unhealthy habits or just doing things that are not good for us. For example, I have just eaten way too much complex carbs these days, and I know that it is not good for me for several reasons. From tonight, I am going to go back to my healthy eating patterns. –
Yoga has helped me tremendously to balance my food choices and to overcome my eating disorder (bulimia), especially my asana practice. This is related to Saucha because, for example, if you don’t practice it in the diet, your asana practice sucks. You feel heavy or without energy, intoxicated, sleepy and even tight in the body! It’s basically your daily check up!

Today I felt so tired that the only thing I managed to do was to find a moment of stillness in front of the sea, facing the sun ☀️. I am not too worried, I know that my energy will be back soon, I only need more vitamins from my nice berries 🍒🍓and favorite greens!🥗🥒🥦🥕🍅
Try to think about Saucha the next time you pick on some junk food! It’s a gesture of love, more than renunciation! –
Ps: yes you can have a YOLO, cheat day etc… but they should be exceptions made in moderation (for example I cheat with food once a month!). Cheating every other day is… lying to yourself 🤥😶😏🤨

Be kind to your body and be a kind stranger!


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