Things Are not Always What They Seem

Things are not always what they seem.

When I first saw this picture of myself I thought it was very nice. Loved it. I liked the shape, the color, my expression and I also know the effort, -mental and physical- required to practice it. However, I immediately started to judge it, after a few seconds: “this is too sexy. This is not “yogic”. This is blah blah blah.” Ok. I look again. Why should this be inappropriate? It’s my body, I am focused and concentrated -yes, it is fairly difficult to hang out in a lifted squat with crossed arms-, and this was also a pose that I reached during a flow (I had my camera shooting in the meantime). There was mindful work in there. 

What I experienced is the intuitive thought vs. the rational thought. Guess which one I decided to follow? 😜

I don’t like to deny the value of rationality. I think it has incredible value. However, I am currently on a path of discovery of my intuition, and on a path of learning to listen to it. My rationality fucked me up in life… I really did make some terrible mistakes because of my tendency to over-rationalize everything and being in denial of everything else that inhabits my soul. There was no space for spirituality, but also for hurting, grieving, no deep feelings. Just a dry numbing. 

I am not saying you should ALWAYS follow your intuition, also because it’s hard to tell when it’s real intuition or just your ego playing with you, wearing a mask. However, try to listen to what you feel. To that little butterfly in your belly, that bubble in your head. It’s magic ✨

Things are not always what they seem

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