Detox and Added Sugar

Today is about Food!

I am doing a little detox because my body really needs it. I have eaten way too much complex carbs and sugar in the last month!

So I have eliminated ALL added sugar things. Yes, ALL. No ice cream, no jam, no sugary juices, no flavored yogurt, no ketchup, no sports drinks, no granola/cereals unless added sugar-free, no bars, no syrups, no vitamin water, no bottled smoothies etc. Sounds hard?! You won’t die from it. I promise. If you try and really do it, your body will thank you. I feel GREAT!

This is a spinach burger (with no soy, no preservatives, and no sugars) with celery, almonds, fresh spinach, 🍅, 🍏, 🥕and pepper. 

I am not a doctor, only someone who reads a lot about nutrition. Why? Because I suffered from eating disorders for 10+ years. Learning about food – for real – was the only way for me to recover. 

One of the things that I have learned is how triggering it is for people with eating disorders. Why? Among other things, because sugar triggers a chemical reaction in the body that makes you hungrier and hungrier even when you are full. 

More and more doctors are now convinced that added sugar, or in general high-sugar/high carbs diets, are the potential cause of insulin resistance, thyroid issues and diabetes, even in people who are sporty, thin and appear to be healthy. I seriously encourage to do your research or to listen to some scientific podcasts!

For vegetarian and vegan people, I often read that this is sometimes a problem. I found a lot of posts and messages sent to doctors because, basically, veg people tend to eat a lot of fruit (aka fibers and sugar) and high carb food (starches, and so on) and this impacts their health negatively. This is what I think: transitioning to a vegan/vegetarian diet is not something you do because is cool and hip. It is a LIFESTYLE incredible change for the body. YOU HAVE to seek help, counsel, and guidance. And you need to understand that being vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean RANDOMLY stuffing your face with fruit!!

Please do you yourself a favor: start learning about food! Read the labels, read the ingredients. Don’t read the calories only! Your body is a temple ❤️

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