Break the Pattern, Stop the Momentum. The Samskaras in Yoga

Break the pattern, stop the momentum.

This pose is a hard one, just as hard as the lesson that it represents. On IG we are used to seeing pictures of crazy asanas and it doesn’t matter how the person got into them. Well, for this pose, it does. And that’s also the most fascinating part of it: to enter this pose you have to gain and stop the momentum.

You have to start in a supine position, put your legs overhead and back, grab your big toes, roooollll up…. AND STOP THERE. Yes. Sounds like fun right?

The lesson of this pose that was taught to me by one of my teachers, Kino- is that of taking control of negative patterns in their trickle-down effect. If you try the pose and don’t stop there, you hit the floor with your heels, very hard (and that’s why, if you are unsure, there are modified ways to learn it). –
This ability is described in Yoga Sutra 3.18: Samskarasaksatkarant purvajatijnanam = aka (roughly): “Through sustained concentration and meditation on our mental structures and patterns we can get to know our past and ourselves, letting go of those patterns that aren’t serving us to be happy” –
Samskaras are these patterns. They can be good or bad and it doesn’t matter. They are still patterns, Samskaras. But the problem with them is that they are fast, automatic and out of control. But how to get rid of those reactions that are toxic and not useful? –
The secret is that We have to mindfully experience them. When you do something automatically, press pause and observe. What are you doing? Try not to control, just mindfully do it, continue, but with full presence. –
Soon enough, you will start dropping those patterns that you don’t need because your mind will see that they are not good for you. It won’t be forced, it will be just a new, healthy Samskara in your life! Easy? Nope. I am sorry, it is never easy! But it’s so empowering ✨

Ubhayapadangusthasana // Double-big-toe pose

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