Down Dog and Sciatica

Today I have sciatica 😢

I have been struggling with it since I moved my stuff almost three times in a month, packed four times, lost a couple of things, and dragged half to the airport. YES. The gypsy life is not always SO glamorous.

This is a more challenging version of down dog, a pose that I love for my sciatica. Believe it or not, for me down dog is a resting pose. I swear! I love it. –
Many people find it uncomfortable and I believe that’s purely because of bad alignment and maybe a bit of tightness. But even if you are tight, if you have good alignment it is absolutely doable. The main thing is, you have to lift your sitting bones, lengthen the tailbone and allow your legs to drop in the groin. You CANNOT collapse on your hand. You can also do it with knees bent, but never, never go extra forward because you feel tightness in the hamstrings! Otherwise, it becomes REALLY terrible.

If you want a really really detailed instruction on how to get into down dog, check this: Downward-Facing Dog. But in my opinion, the most important cues are: weight back to the feet, lift up sitting bones, femurs in the hip sockets, thighs slightly inwards. Imagine having someone pressing your low back gently down, but sending the sitting bones up: that’s what you want.

The way I am performing the pose is a way to demonstrate how you can play with your weight and heels, and even do it without an arm if you suck in the belly and let the V shape happen from the legs, groin, pelvis, tailbone. –
This is seriously one of the very few poses I could practice today, and I actually cannot wait to see my physiotherapist.😢😢😢

DONT do what I did guys. Ask for help when you have to move in/out 😢😢😢.

One hand Down Dog variation

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