Things Are not Always What They Seem. Part 2

This figure looks very very challenging, however, trust me, you can also physically do it if you concentrate. The difficulty of it is the mental aspect more than the physical. Other poses, like down dog, one of the foundations of yoga asana, require a lot of physical attention if you want it to work properly for your body and be therapeutic. –

Physical, mental and spiritual, yoga is a practice. Steady, constant Abhyasa (in Sanskrit).I really like sutra 1.13, that says: Tatra Sthitau Yatno Bhyasah. Of Everything You can Do, Effort is Made to Create Strength and Steadiness of Mind. But what does that mean?

Yatno (effort) made to create Sthitau (Strength and Steadiness of Mind) constitutes right practice. It means that you should practice, yoga asana or anything else in life, without anger, attachment, frustration, expectations. Instead, you should do your job, putting effort into it, and for the sake of your spiritual and physical well-being, nothing else. Yoga is not the performance of the poses. Yoga is not ”leg behind the head” and handstand. –

Don’t practice with the intention of: ”I gotta go and do a bunch of pretty poses, the hardest the better. I gotta go and sweat. I gotta make my legs flexible. I am gonna practice with weights attached to my legs so I can also squeeze in a workout” (yes, I didn’t know, these classes exist, and they call them yoga🙄). Or even, don’t practice with the intentions: ”I wish I was taller, longer, stronger”. No. Try to practice with mindfulness and Sthitau. Steady mind. Equanimity. Love for the present moment, for the effort of being there.

This pose that I am performing may look either banal, beautiful or hard, to you. But instead, it requires a bit of kindness, a steady mind and proprioception more than stamina. How long can I hold it? Very little, maybe 3-4 breaths. Because I am far from mastering Sthitau. I try my best, but I also have my “asana fights” sometimes and I also get attached, confused and overwhelmed by my perfectionism.

Things are not always what they seem.

Let go of these expectations. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others.

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