Urdhva Dhanurasana: Más Amor Por Favor. 

Today, a friend of mine, the wonderful ashtangi yogini @sofrosiuna told me these very true and beautiful words: “you know, you need to be strong to open your heart, to love and be loved. Very strong.” •

I think this is very true and asanas like this one are a wonderful example of it. You need strength to lift up, open your chest, shoulders and then be brave to look at the world from upside down with a deep backbend in order to really open your heart center, Anāhata. You need to be strong to distribute your body weight so that you don’t collapse in your low back and even more to do it without lifting your heels, over flexing your wrists or bending the knees. •

Even if I am relatively flexible by nature, I have worked hard for this pose because it used to scare me very much. I used to feel vertigo and get nervous. I actually still do sometimes.

Please, make sure you approach this posture by baby steps, even if it’s true that in Ashtanga yoga it comes relatively soon. Start with the normal bridge, with your arms on the floor and just lift your pelvis. You can slowly start testing the sensation of flexing the wrists by placing them in preparation, close to your ears, without lifting. Before you ever lift up, make sure you have a strong plank! I will make a guide for this pose because I think it deserves more attention than what it is normally given to it.

For sure, I am still scared to be loved and love back, because love also means vulnerability: the person you love can hurt you and you can hurt them too. This can be the price of love.

So, as she beautifully told me, you need to be strong, very strong to open your heart. And be ready to love fully.

Whether you are a yogi or not, find your practice to get stronger: not to fight back, but to love more, and love better.

Namaste 🙏🏻

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