High Protein Low Carb Coconut Frittata

This is a recipe that I have created to start my day with protein and healthy fats, especially for those days when I know I will not have access to balanced meals in terms of protein intake. I am a vegetarian, and even if it’s quite easy to find tasty meals when I am out, they are usually very poor in terms of protein.

One little disclaimer: this recipe is gluten-free and very low in carbs as a choice… therefore, it cannot have the same bready consistency as normal pancakes! Expect it to be a little ‘drier’! That is why you wanna have it with some nice hot drink!

Ingredients for 1 frittata:

  • 2 eggs
  • Coconut flour, 10 gr circa
  • Yogurt (cow milk yogurt or veg yogurt) 1,5 tablespoon OR 50 ml of milk (or more, or a combination of the two! Experiment… I have tried many times to decide which consistency I like. I like it to be quite dense and firm… but you can try and see what you like)
  • Stevia or Honey
  • Coconut oil or any fat you would use to cook a pancake/frittata

Mix the eggs, the coconut flour, the yogurt, and stevia/honey. You can use more or less flour/yogurt to make it more or less dense, it’s up to you. You need to obtain a soft liquid-ish batter… but it should still have some density!

Melt some coconut oil on a pan, heat it up slowly. Remove excess with a paper napkin! It has to be oily, but you don’t want your frittata to be too greasy!

When the pan is ready (don’t make the oil create smoke…!) put the batter in the pan and give it a round shape. Lower the flame.

When the batter starts making bubbles and the bottom is a bit hard, you should flip with a flat utensil like a spatula. Cook the other side too (you will see it, it is going to become a bit hard like a pancake). The frittata should also kinda rise a bit.

You are done! Remove it from the pan and place it on a plate. Eat it with a banana or berries for some healthy carbs/vitamins/fibers/sugar and eventually sprinkle with some extra coconut or crushed nuts!

Enjoy ❤


Ps: I have also made it with 15gr of whey protein powder and it works just fine, but it can’t be isolated protein because they don’t mix that nicely.

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