The Mind according to Yoga Philosophy

In yoga, the mind is explained as four folded. The Self is in the middle, as in the middle of a flower 🌸 or a wheel, through which we witness and can become aware of these four different “modes” that the mind functions in. These four functions of the mind allow us to be in and interact with the external world.
These are:

1. The Manas: sensory, processing mind, directly connected to external stimuli
2. Buddhi = knowledge, decision making, judgments, and categorization of thing
2. Citta = the impressions, the ripples, the waves of thoughts generated by memories
4. Ahamkara = the sense of “I am” or Ego

Building awareness of these four aspects is not an easy task, and even just understanding them and studying them is an exciting but challenging adventure.
Sometimes I like to try to follow a thought and break it down to see where I get to. A simple thought, like that which can arise from the sensation of the sand touching the skin of your back.
1. The sand is warm, soft and a bit sticky. It’s slightly wet. Pleasure. Comfort.
2. Being here is cool. This is a good place. It is good for my body. I know it’s good because the arch of my spine is neutral. Neutral arch is a good idea.
3. I know it’s good because last time when I lied down on the sand by the beach I felt good. This sand is the same as the other day, and the other day I was here with my friend Cris, and we felt good. I want to come back here also. Yes, maybe tomorrow I will too. Mmm warm. Sun. Sun is like home. Oh home. Home so far. Family so far. 2. Again: it’s winter at home. Not warm. 3. Again: oh. Oh, winter. Winter… Omg, last winter was so cold. Oh. Last winter I was not home.
4. I am a girl who likes being by the beach. I am Carolina the Italian girl who likes hanging out by the beach and do yoga. This is what I am and people need to know that. Ok, I am going to write a post to make this clear.

Ok, this was my best attempt to give you an idea of what I try to do to follow a thought 😂. Isn’t it funny? To be honest, there is way more and I get lost all the time in this exercise. This is 0,000001 of what really happens but… you can try to give it a go too! It’s very interesting 😂.



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