◌ This blog is a place where I share things I love ◌

…Yoga, Ideas, Reflections, Travels, Art… 

This is a space created by me, Carolina Benzi, to share my yoga practice, travels, cultural interests and inspiration to help you to tune into your True Self and stimulate your curiosity.

My philosophy, and this space, is all about kindness.

“I Believe in the Kindness of Strangers” is my mantra.

I care about you as an individual, and I encourage you to let go of preconceptions and create space for a new holistic approach to life. I ask you to be curious and to question things, but also to have faith in your intuition.  I promote personal development and growth, and I wish to leave something valuable to anyone interacting with this space. This website is meant to be informational and educational, in a non-dogmatic fashion.

◌ This Blog is about what matters to me ◌


Enjoy, smile, reply & share!